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Project Void

A spiritual successor of Hidden Source. · By Nonlin, Kyben, IrishKilter


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v0.39 Patch Notes
Core ------------------------------------------ * Added creature egg nests. Containment can destroy these to increase their chance of becoming the creature next...
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v0.38.1 Patch Notes
* Can now swap weapons using keybindings (1) and (2) * Removed old chat box * Adjusted Void pouncing arch * Increased Void air control/strafing * Increased Void...
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v0.38 Patch Notes
* UI Overhauled * - New HUD for Containment * - New HUD for Subject * - New In-Game Menu * - New Loadout Menu * - Ingame Chat * - New Server Creation/Browser *...
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v0.37.1 Patch Notes
Update - v0.37.1 Patch Notes * Player score, deaths and kills are maintained after each round. (Eventually there will be a round limit and winner declared) * In...
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Alpha Update 0.37
Project Void v0.37 Version 0.37 has just been released, and in this update not only is there a whole slew of updates, fixes, and tweaks. But this also marks the...
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Alpha Update 0.36
Update 0.36 Patch Notes Droid will slide after landing (reduced friction and breaking amount) Shotgun won't cause Lost Connection to host anymore. Reduced p...
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Alpha Update 0.35
Update 0.35 Notes Crouch clipping fixed. Can crouch walk off ledges now. Prop Handling Improved for droid, props will no longer interpolate to their target posi...
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Alpha Update 0.34
Alpha Update 0.34 Improved automatic release of physics objects. (Grab releases now when you get too close to a wall and when object is too far away from you) G...
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