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Project Void

A spiritual successor of Hidden Source. · By Nonlin, Kyben, IrishKilter


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v0.38.1 Patch Notes
* Can now swap weapons using keybindings (1) and (2) * Removed old chat box * Adjusted Void pouncing arch * Increased Void air control/strafing * Increased Void...
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v0.38 Patch Notes
* UI Overhauled * - New HUD for Containment * - New HUD for Subject * - New In-Game Menu * - New Loadout Menu * - Ingame Chat * - New Server Creation/Browser *...
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v0.37.1 Patch Notes
Update - v0.37.1 Patch Notes * Player score, deaths and kills are maintained after each round. (Eventually there will be a round limit and winner declared) * In...
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Alpha Update 0.37
Project Void v0.37 Version 0.37 has just been released, and in this update not only is there a whole slew of updates, fixes, and tweaks. But this also marks the...
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Alpha Update 0.36
Update 0.36 Patch Notes Droid will slide after landing (reduced friction and breaking amount) Shotgun won't cause Lost Connection to host anymore. Reduced p...
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Alpha Update 0.35
Update 0.35 Notes Crouch clipping fixed. Can crouch walk off ledges now. Prop Handling Improved for droid, props will no longer interpolate to their target posi...
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Alpha Update 0.34
Alpha Update 0.34 Improved automatic release of physics objects. (Grab releases now when you get too close to a wall and when object is too far away from you) G...
Alpha Update 0.33
version 0.33 changes Added iron sight to p90 Fixed iron sight gun clipping during ADS Fixed odd camera issue when crouching as shooter. Fixed bug where firing...
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