v0.39 Patch Notes


* Added creature egg nests. Containment can destroy these to increase their chance of becoming the creature next round. Creature can destroy these eggs to heal.
* Texture memory optimizations
* Reduced bloom shimmering
* Improved chance algorithm
* Players can directly join friends through Steam without invite
* Added error message when connection fails
* Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.22
* Added mouse sensitivity options
* Improved options menu layout
* Fixed black impact decals
* Fixed jittering when walking on physics objects
* Fixed round timer hitting 0 and not ending the round
* Fixed chance not properly being used to chose the next hidden
* Fixed chance of no creature being chosen on new round
* Fixed creature going into grab mode when nothing is grabbed
* Fixed rounds continuing when there is only one player left
* Fixed winning team message not appearing on round 5 out of 5.
* Fixed chat message sending empty text
* Fixed escape key not working for in game menus

* Added hit marker when Containment player gets a successful hit on the creature and vise versa
* Added indicator when creature is able to hit a Containment player
* Reduced players ability to stand on small ledges
* Increased creature attack range from 220 to 300

* Primary shotgun is now a Semi-Automatic Shotgun
* Semi-Automatic Shotgun damage reduced from 14 to 8
* Added Pump Shotgun as a secondary weapon
* TT pistol no longer has a cooldown between shots
* Removed flashlight from G36

* Updated Skyline
* Adjusted lightning to be less common


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