Alpha Update 0.36

Update 0.36 Patch Notes

Droid will slide after landing (reduced friction and breaking amount)
Shotgun won't cause Lost Connection to host anymore.  
Reduced p90 spread by half for hip fire, reduces by another half with ADS. 
Pistol stat changes (faster rate of fire for both as well as more ammo for both). 
Added hit impulse to knife (means droid can push people off with his knife). 
Droid has a bit less health now (still tweaking). 
Gave impact sound effect to grenade and improve grenade physics. 
Made droid slightly harder to see (a result of the new droid model). 
Add injury sound effects when shooter or droid gets hit with a weapon. 
Added fall damage for shooters.  


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Version 24 Apr 16, 2018

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