Alpha Update 0.37

Project Void v0.37

Version 0.37 has just been released, and in this update not only is there a whole slew of updates, fixes, and tweaks. But this also marks the new cornerstone as the game goes from Hidden Unreal to Project Void, along with the addition of 3 new Developers. Kyben, Sparks, and IrishKilter join the project. 

An entirely new facelift has been given to Project Void as new members come aboard, and a true art-style and theme is worked out. You can see the art direction that Project Void is now aiming for, no longer is there any trace of a SciFi theme, or a killer Robot due to the limitation of best available assets on the Market Place, but instead it's back to the classic 2000's Grunge and Grime of games like F.E.A.R and Hidden Source with all new custom-assets and levels. 

The first half of the first official Level Skyline has been introduced, allowing players to get a taste of a map built specifically for the game. A new character model has been added to signify a more SWAT like appearance. New monster-like first person arms have been added for Subject 626, and a whole slew of gameplay tweaks have been made to give the game more of a weighted, and precise feel. 

* Game renamed to Project Void
* New Containment Character Model
* New Subject 626 Arms
* New Map 'Skyline' Added
* Large list of new environmental props and materials to fit the new style/theme
* New Aura Vision FX
* New Scoreboard UI
* Added the "Ravage" ability to Subject 626 for an instant kill
* Subject can now dismount surfaces with 'Spacebar'
* Subject can now mount surfaces during a pounce simply by holding Shift
* Adjusted Gravity Scaling
* Increased Pounced Velocity
* Reduced Fall Damage
* Removed flashing red HUD when injured as Containment Member
* Fixed difficulty sticking to ledges as Subject
* Removed forward Momentum when Jumping as Subject
* Stamina Drain altered
* Fixed bullets passing through objects when being held
* Fixed dead bodies making pain sounds when feeding


Project Void 0.39 1 GB
Version 32 Oct 29, 2018

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