Alpha Update 0.35

Update 0.35 Notes

Crouch clipping fixed.
Can crouch walk off ledges now.
Prop Handling Improved for droid, props will no longer interpolate to their target position. 
Should lead to more accurate throws on its own. 
More droid  air control, less lunge strength. 
Swapped out droid Mesh1P with UE4Mannequinanimation access and easy swapping of models in the future.
More shotgun recoil
Smooth Frame Rate Off (Should be for PC, could enable for consoles only if I need to)
Added VSync Option for Graphical Settings.
Phys sound hit should only play for droid.  
Added Custom Rebind Menu  for droid leap and seeing through walls.
Changes to droid foot step sounds for first and third person. (still needs proper sounds and improvement).


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Version 20 Apr 14, 2018

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