HU Update 0.30

HU Alpha 0.30

With this update I bring some much needed fixes to old mechanics and the last physics update. 

In other news.

To better segment myself from the original Hidden Source mod I'm going to slowly be rolling out name changes. Hidden Unreal is going to change but not sure what to call this game officially. If you have any suggestions please leave them as comments below. In the mean time I'm going to start referring to the hidden guy as droid, since it is an advanced intelligent android from space. I'm thinking about calling them game Void Droid but that remains to be seen. 

Let me know what you think.

The complete update rundown.

  • Droid hit range improved.
  • Droid attack would sometimes not be effective at all ranges it should be effective at.
  • Droid hit box improved
  • Droid no longer fires weapon when holding an object and keeps knife out (droid has some telekinetic powers)
  • Droid can no longer be damaged by physics objects. This prevents moments where droid could damage himself. Unless I can think of a way in which the hidden can or should get hurt with physics I'll keep this solution for now.
  • Better destructible mesh for wooden pallet, should feel better and make more sense. Players can no longer damage themselves by running into pallets (or at least far less likely to).
  • Improved how droid handles physics objects.
  • May have fixed object client-server desync issue, needs testing.


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Apr 01, 2018

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