HU Update 0.27

HU Phys Kill Update, Alpha 0.27

With this update I introduce the core of what it takes to kill with props (aka phys kill).
There were networking hurdles and bugs along the way but I'm confident with a few tweaking from here on out I can nail down the phys kill sensation we all grew to like. 

The complete update rundown.

  • Phys killing core mechanic introduced.
  • A base difficulty is set for prop killing that can be tweaked to make it easier or harder to prop kill.
  • Two new props on top of our beloved trashcan which are the barrel (not breakable) and pallet (totally breakable) with new sound effects for the pallet. The new props have been added to Sanctuary, our familiar test map to try out phys killing. 
  • Held prop will now replicate its pitch as well as yaw.
  • Pitch for held prop has a limited range so that it doesn’t clip through player on release prevent fewer moments of self-inflicted damage.
  • Held prop replication seems to replicate well now.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would allow multiple loadout widgets to stack.
  • Code clean up.
  • Got rid of scifi map and its related assets (this was an idea but now it seems out of scope and not planned to be used).
  • Added console command to restart round (only host can do the command, CmdRestartRound).
  • Attempted to address a few other circumstances that would allow for there to be two Hiddens (Is it finally completely fixed!?).
  • Fixed lost connection crash due to reliable buffer overflow.
  • Fixed props from going through walls when thrown at high speeds.
  • Fixed props from killing players while being held (now goes through them).
  • General Network improvements.
  • Slightly weakened Hidden's Pounce.
  • Added new FactoryDistrict Map and Assets (not yet playable).

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